So you have the made decision to get photos for what?

Once a senior inquires, I immediately want you to start planning. What 'vibe' are you going for? What is your look? This will help you figure out where we take the photos, what you wear, and how you pose.

understanding your vibe

Your “vibe” for your photos is a combination of the location, your outfit, your poses, and the general feel of the photos.

I want to make sure that the photos scream 'you'. We want to capture your best sides, your favorite parts, what makes you unique. This will look different for everyone. Maybe you want to go to the botanical gardens and be one with nature or you want to take photos on a soccer field wearing your varsity jacket...or even in a coffee shop, record store, or library reading your favorite book.

The more you tell about me and your overall style, the better location and outfit recommendations I can suggest. If you are drawing a blank and have no idea what you like, just send me some photos of you in your favorite outfit.

What are some examples of different vibes and locations?

There are a million types of vibes and locations! Below is a list of some different vibes. Each one is linked to a Pinterest Board with ideas, examples, and inspiration

  • Urban retro - downtown with tall buildings, think lots of traffic, that classic median photo
  • Professional studio - think of a clean background, favorite outfit, studio setting
  • Flowers in a field - think maxi dress, dancing and twirling in a field, running around and laughing our butts off
  • Autumn - do you love all things fall? are sweaters your favorite? fall may be the perfect time for your session
  • Sporty - on your high school football field, think of your favorite pants and your jersey, ball in hand and scoreboard in the background
  • Coffee shop - loves coffee shops, think of you sitting while sipping your coffee or reading a book, wearing your most cozy fit
  • Calm by the riverside - think flowy maxi skirt, flowers in hand by the riverside listening to your favorite song
  • Record store retro - loves records and all things vintage, wearing jeans + your favorite graphic tee
  • City glam - think reflections of the buildings, bold colors, editorial vibes, just stepped out of a magazine
  • Beachy and bright - bright colors by the beach, think Navy Pier
  • In the woods - think tall trees, beautiful leaves, lots of greens

This list is always changing. We are constantly inspired by new things, places, and people... so let's get creative!